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Monday, January 09, 2006

Stealth Campaign going well

The duct tape appears to be working, almost...

Questionnaires to candidates are very common during an election. Many national and local groups send them out so as to inform their interest of the candidates views.

The major Political Parties respond with a single reply for all candidates if it is a national issue or provide responses to be used. The last thing the party wants is someone contradicting or embarrassing the leader during an election. So they try to keep a tight rein on what is said, especially on controversial issues.

That said some candidates do respond. The thrice named incarnation of Conservatives have felt the heat generated by candidate responses to reporters or to questionnaires in previous elections. The campaign strategy of the Conservatives is to hide. Don't say a word to the media, don't write to anyone on this stuff.

What stuff would that be for the Conservatives? Same-sex marriage, the Charter of Rights, Abortion, private for profit health care and charter schools.

If you hear a Conservative say anything on this let us know, because they have clammed up big time. Cindy Silver is running telling anyone who listen, she only worked for Focus on the Family, it doesn't mean I support those views. Yep she only worked for them, and Real Women and other anti-gay or anti choice groups. She was a hired gun so to speak.

In Halifax last week the Halifax Chronicle Herald reported last week,
"...the Conservative Party ordered two Halifax-area candidates not to talk to reporters about their attendance at a meeting with clergy opposed to homosexual 'marriage'. Paula Henderson, a campaign volunteer for Conservative Candidate Rakesh Khosla in Halifax West, responded to a Herald reporter asking about the meeting, "We've been told by Ottawa that we don't talk about that . . . That's a dropped subject." The paper also reports that Paul Francis, the Conservative candidate for Sackville-Eastern Shore, also attended the meeting and he too refused to comment. "We're actually referring all inquiries on that meeting to (Conservative spokesman) Rob Batherson," Jeff Alexander, communications director for Mr. Francis told the Herald."

I can say this about the Conservative Party's campaign this time out, they aren't flapping in the wind like the Liberian flags on Martin's ships. The duct tape is sticking.

As I have been pointing out, the Conservatives are running a stealth campaign. They have a hidden agenda and the Christian Right helped write it.

For more on the Conservatives, Evangelicals, Christian Right, Gay marriage, Stephen Harper, Tristan Emmanuel, Bishop Henry use the Technoratia search box in the side bar here.

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