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Sunday, January 22, 2006

MOre bloggers on Harper

The Conservative Cover-Up

"They’re lying I tell you, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. If the Conservatives seem more palatable to you these last few months it’s only because they are intentionally hiding their core beliefs to get votes. These guys haven’t changed their fundamental ideals, they just aren’t telling you what they are anymore. Do you really want to be reminded of it after you vote for them?" - Bruce MacDonald - Canuck Attitude

Peter and the pussycat

"But in one hour of programming the CBC couldn't even come up with ONE question. One question about the issues Harper doesn't want to talk about. The issues that could make the difference between a Conservative minority, and a Conservative majority with its crazy plans for a right-wing revolution." - Montreal Simon on Peter Mansbridge's lack of tough questions

Will Johnny Get His Guns?*

"Last night we noted that the Conservative Party of Canada's National Campaign Co-Chair, John Reynolds, told the Moonies that it was time to patch things up with the armed and dangerous Elephant next door:" - The Gazetter

Washinton Times: Mr. Reynolds said the first practical step in improving security cooperation between Canada and the United States would be to restart discussions about joining the anti-ballistic missile program. "We've got to sit down and discuss this. There is a quid pro quo for everything," he said.

Heterosexual Marriage is a Gamble

compare the BC Lottery page with the page on Vote Marriage Canada, - Bouquets of Gray

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