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Sunday, January 15, 2006

No Bloody way, Harper lied ...

Harper - Conservatives lied on their platform?
By Peter Kelly

"Tax cutting crusaders of Stephen Harper's Conservative Party have been caught in a bait and switch on their election platform. The story, revealed by the Canadian Press and published by CTV tells that the economist that was hired to examine the numbers of the Conservative party platform says that the one he checked off is NOT the one the party is campaigning on. He claims that parts of the platform were not included - possibly big-ticket multi-billion dollar items." See Harper - conservatives lied on their platform?

Wholly Crap. The conservatives gave some folks their platform then get an endorsement then they add in things? Is that what happenes. Here is the CP story.

More crap here...
The Conservative party promoted that conclusion last week as evidence its election platform had been "independently verified" by the Conference Board, an Ottawa-based think-tank. But Darby says the version of the platform he was given to vet didn't include a Conservative party health-care guarantee which states patients will be transported to another jurisdiction if they can't get timely care at home.

It also omitted a Tory platform promise to redress the so-called "fiscal imbalance" between Ottawa and the provinces.

Darby wouldn't comment on whether the timely health-care guarantee would bear a significant cost.

"Talk to Harper," he said. "It is not in the platform I received from them."

It's also not clear what the Conservatives expect to pay to redress the fiscal imbalance - something the federal Liberals have argued doesn't really exist."
- CTV News Economist says Tories gave him incomplete platform

Is this the same as an A Bomb. Have the Conservatives been hit with a NUKE. They are caught out here in a pretty big lie.

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