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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Martin and Harper - Deeper integration with Bush

Do you support social conservative views on reproductive choice? Do you support a party invoking the Notwithstanding clause to take away rights of Canadians? Do you support the war in Iraq? Do you support weapons in space? Do you support more Private health care? Do you support American Health Insurance companies selling insurance in Canada?

If you say yes to all of these then vote for Stephen Harper and his Conservatives. There will be a vote on same-sex marriage by the conservatives if they win. Stephen Harper cannot stop his MPs from then amending legislation to include the notwithstanding clause. That measure would have the support of as many as 30 Liberal MPs as well. The NDP will vote against having another vote and if one comes will vote against changing the definition of marriage.

Stephen Harper flew down to the USA before the Iraq war and said he was sorry that Canada was not part of the Coalition of the willing. The Conservatives are also on record of supporting US attempts to put weapons in space. The Liberals are supporting efforts of the Americans to put weapons in space with the provision of data and Canadian expertise. The Liberals have also established what was a secret Armed Forces base in the United Arab Emirates. The base is supposedly to support the efforts of Canadian troops in Afghanistan. If that is the case why was it a secret? And our mission in Afghanistan is being ramped up to allow the Americans to concentrate on Iraq.

Stephen Harper says he supports public health care. He also supports Alberta, BC and Quebecs efforts to privatise health care services and is on record to agreeing to remove strings attached to federal money going to the provinces, thus removing any leverage the federal government will have in protecting a public health care system. Paul Martin slashed health care funding by Billions of dollars during the 90's and was unwilling to commit to no more private health care in Canada. Jack Layton and the NDP state they will stop further privatization in Health care.

Reproductive choice or abortion is also a hot issue. The Conservative leader has said he will not change the right to abortion. He does not say he may allow provinces to stop funding abortion, or again, with over 50% of Conservative candidates and MPs being social conservatives how will he manage to keep them from bringing in a law to change abortion or reproductive choices? The Liberals and the NDP would keep the status quo though as many as 30 Liberals would vote to restrict or end abortion given the chance to vote.

Ralph Klein and BC Premier Gordon Campbell both support the privatization of health care and private insurance. Given Stephen Harper's position of removing strings, he would likely allow this to happen. Paul Martin will be Captain Canada and shout loudly he will protect the system but he refused to commit to that before the election. In fact that is why there is an election along with a few scandals and ethical problems Martin and the Liberals have.

We have entered a watermark election. If you are opposed to most of those items in the first paragraph, opposed to any of them, then your option looks to be Jack Layton and the NDP. Any other vote will see deeper integration with the United States both on foreign policy and domestic policy.

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