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Thursday, January 26, 2006

(s)Harper Index

(s)Harper Index 001

Percentage of the conservative party delegates voting to change abortion laws – 46

Percentage voting to change marriage to being between a man and a woman – 75

Number of Conservative candidates that could be facing charges of assault in the election – 1

Number of times George Bush has seen Brokeback Mountain0

Chances Stephen Harper has seen the same movie – 0

Canadians that voted for Stephen Harper's Conservatives – 5,370,903

And Canadians that voted for someone other than Conservative – 9,444,777

Time my Brother spent with the NDP candidate at the door – 2 minutes

Time he spent with the Liberal Candidate – 35 minutes (think about that!)

Number of Conservative votes divided by number of seats in the House of Commons - 43,313

Number of NDP votes divided by number of seats in the House of Commons - 89,338

Hours it took Canadian Ambassador to the USA to resign after Liberal Leader Paul Martin resigned - 12

* If you have an interesting fact or point email me and I may include it in the next index.

inspired by the original Harper's Index.


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