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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

When was Harper going to tell us

When was Harper going to tell us he would not go along with the Kelowna First Nations Agreement?

Conservatives are clear, now they are...

They support the Kelowna First Nations accord, but they will revisit it if elected as they don't agree with how the money will be spent.

CBC provides this Conservative statement issued on the matter...
The Conservatives have issued a statement saying it supports the objectives, targets and principles of the Kelowna accord. But the party also says there is still no agreement on how the $5 billion will be spent.

Now some of us may feel the accord did not go far enough and it actually caps federal spending when much more maybe needed. Still I think it is at least a move in the right direction and highly overdue. Now we have a negotiated deal between some National First Nations groups, provincial governments and the federal government. The Conservatives are now saying they will not be bound by that agreement.

As I said yesterday, the duct tape gave way. Its time the media started asking the Conservatives and Stephen Harper just what will they do?

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