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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Green Queen Christian

"I have to vote, but who do I vote for. As a christian, they say I need to vote for Harper, because he is the most godly of the three. I say he's not going to change anything to benefit christians. All three candidates profess a belief, each as worthy as the other. Steven Harper gets his picture taken at a prolife rally, but has told canadians that he will not change any law concerning the abortion issue, so why are christians going to vote for him? Is that all he needs to get our vote? If we are so easily led through the wide gate of destruction, then perhaps it is already too late for us."

"I ask you to look at the issues, what are the leaders saying to us, and even more important, what are they not saying to us. Let us pray for a moment, that God will show us what is close to his heart. Has he forgotten the poor, the sick, the homeless, No He has not forgotten, but perhaps we have. All of the three parties support and will not change the abortion laws, nor will they oppose any gay rights." - The Green Queen, January 17, 2006

A new blogger in the Okanagan tells it straight ahead. The abortion law are supported by all three leaders (five counting the BLOC and Green guy), despite what some Conservatives are saying. Gay rights are here to stay too, even if they did change a law the Supreme Court would strike down the change. Remember, Harper said he would not use the "notwithstanding clause", so if you remove gay rights and abortion from the discussion, who would you support. She puts it out there. She's brand new to blogging. I suggest you have a look, but please remember this is a new blogger. Be considerate.

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