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Monday, January 16, 2006

NDP on the way up, Martin lost

The gig is really up for the Liberals. The latest polls are showing the NDP moving up in all regions. The move is the result of the reality setting in. The Liberals really do need a time out and the this time, this election if you want to stop Harper, if you want MPs that work and get results, then its Jack Layton and the NDP.

Here in the Okanagan, the quiet voices are moving from Liberal to NDP. No poll information that I am privy too, its the vibe on the street as they say. I have had a number of Liberals say they cannot support what the Liberals have done. Some are really torn, but will be voting NDP here in Kelowna.

As a relative newcomer to this area I was suprised to be hearing this. This is a place where the Conservatives feel comfortable, yet they are becoming a little nervous in BC as they focus advertising against the NDP. They are picking the move from Liberal to NDP. And in that respect I guess we shouldn't be surprised. The NDP numbers are trending up across the country.

The NDP have also started running a new radio ad here in BC It clearly has the NDP taking on Stephen Harper and his Conservatives. This ad is playing everywhere

No need to take my word for the way up and out of the mess, check out the latest overnight polls. And Greg has posted this link to the latest NDP TV ad. The ad has real former Liberals supporting... guess who!

I know you knew!

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