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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tagged - socreds, egg salad, christians, token gay and Cheese

I have been tagged twice. Well really only once by Chimera but cycles 2k wanted too as well so I take that as two!

5 wierd or seemingly weird things about me others may not know...

1. While working at Costco recently I sold 1/2 a ton of cheese, one 454g pkg at $20.00 at a time. That's $20,000. Did I get a bonus, hell no!

2. I have been the token gay man often while playing hockey. Apparently I play like Matt Cooke though at 120 lbs not quite the same. I love sports and was on my high school Rugby team, played hooker, ummm.

3. I was once an executive member of the Yound Socreds in BC. That was a long time ago but hey, my parents were conservatives and socreds. I got smarter and so did they!

4. I like real Christians and have many as friends. Like Cycles 2 I like Catholics and recently attended midnight Christmas mass with a friend in Helena Montana.

5. My favourite sandwich is egg salad and peanut butter. My great garandmother was a cook for a wealthy American industrialist out of LA. He owned a resort on Quesnel Lake and in the winter took my Great Gramma south to cook there. She met Elizabeth Taylor there and was asked to make this sandwich.

I tag JimBobby Sez.

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