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Sunday, January 15, 2006

GST Full Meal Deal for who?

“.... Poor families would save only a couple of hundred dollars, at the most, from either of the Conservative or Liberal tax cut proposals. This hardly makes any impact on the depth of poverty which is anywhere from $5000 to $9000 below the poverty line for an individual working full time at minimum wage, depending on the province. Nor would it be noticed by the family of four on social assistance in Ontario who falls $18,937 below the poverty line.” - CBC roundtable.

Research done for NAPO suggests that a 1% reduction in the GST would cost the Federal government about $5 billion, and result in only about $143 per year in tax savings for low income families. Approximately 8.5% of the benefit would go to low-income families.

There you have it. The Conservatives and Liberals offer peanuts for the poor, and who gets the full meal deal?

Huge cuts in taxes are being proposed by the Liberals and Conservatives, tax cuts that benefit the well-to-do in this country and do little for the not so well off. These tax cuts, money going into the pockets of these well-to-do folks will mean the government will not be able to fund more affordable housing, reduce student tuition costs, support cities needing infrastructure help or hire and or train a single new nurse or doctor, let alone address the Aboriginal issues and of course biggies like the Environment and healthcare.

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