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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Harper did not get endorsed by Canadians

This is what's wrong with the system we have to elect our leadership in this country. Canada continues to make use of a system that was created in the 12th century. Yes the Parliamentry system dates back to King John.

The Senate is another part of the problem, yet I hear Stephen Harper saying it is one of the checks and balances to our system. I will say from a partisan perspective it will be a good thing this time, as we could have some of the more controversial issues of the Conservative agenda stalled or amended. That's not because the Senate will do the "right thing" its because it is stacked to the alter of Liberal Prime Ministers and they like their place, they will support the Liberal party. In this game of politics in Canada, its more about rigging the system to work for you rather than to do what we Canadians want.

Change is needed. Destroy the Senate, or at the very least start electing them. Even though I relish the thought of Harper being held in check by the Senate, it can be argued that the unelected Senate should not stand in the way of an elected House of Commons.

We do have a way out of this big mess. We can start with the the House of Commons. Stephen Harper has the most seats, yet his party received the support of only 36% of voters. The BLOC received 9% of voter support and have 50 seats. The NDP with a million more votes than the BLOC have 29.

"Today, Canadians repudiated this radical agenda, opting instead for the sensible, mainstream middle-class values that have been the cornerstone of Canadian society for generations - strong, healthy families, safe communities, personal responsiblity and public accountablility.

"Voters also rejected the vicious campaign of demonization directed by Mr. Martin and his colleagues against Canadians, primarily those of faith, who do not share his views."We look forward to working with Members of Parliament of good sense from all political parties to help respore normalcy to our political and social
institutions." -
Institute for Canadian Values

Last night the Institute for Canadian Values, a social conservative activist group, issued this partisan and misleading statement. Many Canadians did not support the Liberals in the last election. The Liberals had less than 40% of support. This time out they received a few points less, yet they had more voter support for their minority government than the Conservatives have with this one.

Making broad statements that Canadians rejected something is in fact an error. Most of us never supported it in the first place, we voted and a few votes changed hands and now we have another Prime Minister with less support in power.

We need to address electoral change. Another example was Kim Campbell's conservative's wipe out in the House of Commons in 1993. The Conservatives had the second most votes across the country yet only 2 seats. In this election the Conservatives in BC increased their vote but lost 5 seats.

Its time for change and if Stephen Harper and his Conservatives really want to embrace ethical and moral positions, let them lead us all to a Parliament that counts all votes cast in Canada.

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