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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Nova Scotia Green goes Orange

Some Green's backing NDP in the election. The Green Party leader in Nova Scotia has thrown his support behind the NDP. His motive is clear, a Conservative government will need progressive NDP members to address issues of the Environment and to keep Canada out of US wars.

I expect Jim Harris is fuming now. But as his party slips further to the right, the Green Party is becoming irrelevant to many of its members and supporters. It is not likely the green party will elect a single member in this election. They are not serious contenders here in BC and if they can't win here, where can they win?

In an effort to bring change in Parliament, to hold back a Conservative majority it is likely we will see more Green mambers and supporters vote for Jack Layton and the NDP. Joining them could be a good number of Liberals, especially here in BC.

January 17, 2006

Dear Editor,

As I write, there has been one more death and three more serious Canadian casualties in our undeclared war in Afghanistan and the experts are warning us to expect more to come. And for what reason this suffering, except to support Bush’s so called “war on terrorism”.

In effect our troops serve to free up US troops to go fight in the illegal and immoral war in Iraq. So good for Jack Layton to be the only leader to raise the question of what are we doing there and to call for a halt to further troop deployments. He should go further and call for our withdrawal before we get sucked into a quagmire.

That the Greens, whose values include non-violence, have been silent on this matter speaks volumes about the current direction of the party. So, who to vote for in this election?

Green party Maritime organizer Sharon Labchuk has stated no Green candidate will be elected in Atlantic Canada and with the increasing likelihood of a Harper Government hostile to the environment, the poor and supporting Bush’s military initiatives it will be more necessary than ever to have progressive NDP members in parliament.

Layton’s commitment to the environment, mandatory polluter pay legislation, and electoral reform mean this time I will vote for Alexa McDonough and the NDP.

Hopefully on January 24, the environment and peace will have a voice in Ottawa.

Michael Oddy
(Leader of the Green Party of Nova Scotia)

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