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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Harper scored big money

Stephen Harper's leadership takes money from all the folks Liberals take money, but some are more interesting than others. Its funny, my Mom use to tell me about picking my friends... "It reflects on you Rick..."

Credit Suisse First Boston gave Harper $6 ,000. Now I looked on the internet and they have two offices in Canada, one in Toronto and the other in Montreal. Do you suppose the Canadian branch is called First Boston? The Credit Suisse Group is a global financial services provider with operations spanning every continent and in all of the world's major financial centers.

EnCana Corporation $25,000 a major energy player in Canada. The Chair of the board is Mr. O'Brien who happens to be the Chair of the board of the Royal Bank of Canada. Also on the board at EnCana is Gwyn Morgan. Who is this person? He is a member of Accenture Energy Advisory Board of Accenture Ltd. (a global management consulting, technology services and out sourcing company). Accenture came under heat in Ontario in the globe and Mail in 2002.
Ontario Tories wasting hundreds of millions
- DARREN YOURK Globe and Mail 2002-12-05

Community Services Ministry paid almost $250-million for what turned out to be a failed attempt to upgrade its computer systems. A contract with the consulting firm Accenture - previously Andersen Consulting - resulted in a "seriously flawed" system that users considered to be a step backwards from what they had, Mr. Peters (Provincial Auditor of Ontario) said. "I consider the ministry's involvement with Accenture to have been a very expensive lesson in how not to implement a new (information technology)-based service-delivery system," the report says. "Making the system work properly may well take much more time and will certainly take many more taxpayers' dollars."

Check out the list here. A smaller list with the larger donations pulled out can be found at LE REVUE GAUCHE . You don't think a guy like Stephen Harper with these friends would, you know ... Of course he will

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