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Friday, January 06, 2006

What Big Brother won't say

The ads the Consevative Party Candidates would like to play ...

The Christian Heritage Party, largely made up of people that want Steven Harper to be Prime Minister have released ads to be played on CBC during their freetime political access slots.

The ads do not differ from the views of many Conservative party candidates across Canada. As we all know and have observed, those Conservative Candidates have duct tape at the ready in the event they are asked any question that addresses equality or social issues. Issues like gay rights, same-sex marriage, abortion and even aboriginal treaties.

So the Little brother of the Conservative Party, the Christian Heritage Party is speaking for the Conservative candidates. If you have any doubt in your mind what many of the Conservative Party of Canada candidates views are on these issues, I suggest you take a look at the ads.

Now some of you economic Conservative supporters may think I am being a little harsh here, but you have to take your blinders off. A Stephen Harper Government will hold another vote on same-sex marriage. A Conservative MP will put forward a bill to limit or end reproductive choice. A conservative gouvernment will review and slash funding to groups supporting gays or teens making healthy choices.

A conservative government will support weapons in space, expand Canada's participation in American Foreign Policy, support the use of new "smart" cards for all Canadians, allign our immigration policies with the United States and send more Canadian troops overseas with Americans.

A Conservative government will introduce similar laws to the US Patriot Act.

Of course you won't hear the Conservative Party of Canada say all of these things. They want to be elected and just as the Christian Right attempted with some success in the late 1980's to elect "stealth" candidates to school boards, city councils and other representive positions, so are the Conservatives in this election.

See Christian Heritage Party of Canada ads here

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