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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Martin "Jack, won't play smash a tory"

Liberal Leader Paul Martin is mad at NDP Leader Jack Layton.

"Jack Layton has been making some very strange comments during this campaign. He's attacked Liberals, not Conservatives. In fact, he's all but ignored Stephen Harper."

This is just another negative attack from a negative, losing Liberal campaign. It’s pure nonsense and Martin’s only demonstrating why so many former Liberal voters are saying the Liberal Party needs time in the repair shop. Since day one of the campaign, Jack Layton has compared the NDP’s approach with both Conservatives and Liberals. That’s the better choice, and more people are choosing it. That’s why Martin went negative once more.

You heard Jack Layton today criticize the Conservative plans for health and education, environment and equality. Whoops he also criticized Paul Martin and the Liberals. The NDP have consistently gone at the issues instead of producing issue ads so offensive they have to be withdrawn. Paul Martin wants the NDP to do what he's doing. No thanks Paul, its not working for you. Why would the NDP try it?. The NDP doesn't need to use the offensive attack ads to ensure people know the NDP think the Conservatives and Harper are just plain wrong.

The Liberal record on working people, ethics and the environment should be admonished, its atrocious. These guys don’t deserve votes. The Conservative plans for massive tax cuts that hurt people should be attacked, too. That’s why Jack Layton’s done both.

Its a typical Liberal response. Martin is losing the election. But don’t look at 12 years of broken promises and scandal. Don’t accept responsibility for an empty, often offensive campaign that’s driving long-time Liberals away. Blame someone else. Maybe look in the mirror and ask yourself why you did not use your 12 years more wisely.

Dang now Martin is mad at the NDP and Jack Layton and the Conservatives are mad at the NDP, see their new attack ad. Off course, the ad has little substance.

Keep it up Jack, if the Liberals and Conservatives are swinging at you, then they see you as eating into the votes they kind of feel a natural entitlement too.

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