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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

NDP - Conservatives talk the talk - why don't they walk the walk?

The Liberals were wrong in their ads say the Conservatives, they were attack ads. Now the Conservatives like their ad playing in BC. The trouble with it is its not factual. It looks like to me the Conservatives are trying to stop the NDP rising in BC. They cannot find anything in the NDP Platform to attack so they make it up.

Just another similarity between the Liberals and Conservatives. Deliberately misleading ads and tax cuts for the big oil companies and banks.

The NDP responded this way ...

Conservatives talk the talk - why don't they walk the walk?
Mon 16 Jan 2006

For more than a week the Conservative Party has been complaining about Liberal TV ads they say are factually incorrect.

Now they've released their own.

Today the Conservatives finally posted it on their website - after running it for two days in British Columbia - an incorrect ad about NDP positions.

Will they do the right thing and pull their own misleading ad?

Conservatives say Jack says: "I support legalized drugs". What Jack really says is: We need to give support to the police and to communities to crack down on illegal drugs like crystal meth that are destroying lives and creating the conditions for the growth of crime in our communities.

Conservatives say Jack says: "Who needs tax cuts?" What Jack really says is: Not the profit-making corporations Mr. Harper and the Conservatives wanted to reward with a $4.6 billion tax cut last year. Jack Layton and the NDP think Canadians deserve the personal tax cuts Mr. Harper intends to scrap.

Conservatives say Jack says: "I want higher gas prices." What Jack really says is: The NDP is proposing legislation that would create an independent watchdog to make sure big oil and gas companies don't gouge consumers at the pump.

Conservatives say Jack says: "Please tax my estate." What Jack really says is: The NDP is not proposing any new personal income taxes, and no new taxes on inheritances or estates.

-NDP Press release on Conservative ad

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