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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Make it in Real Estate

This is a case of amazing price escalation.
(Photo of Valeri House by John Rennison, The Hamilton Spectator)
Here is a house in Hamilton, pretty ordinary, but you bury some wires underground, add a biffy to the front yard and it goes from 225,000 in value to $500,000. Now that is a hot real estate market eh?
The Hamilton Spectator reports ...

"Valeri, Liberal MP for Hamilton East-Stoney Creek, purchased the property on Ridge Road along the escarpment in upper Stoney Creek for $225,000 last April. Three months later, Valeri sold the property for $500,000 to John Ng, son of Joe Ng, whose Hamilton-based engineering company has been a longtime supporter of the Liberals at the federal and provincial levels."

I am sure the owner of this place will be expecting the same soon...

Of course the new buyer might be wanting a contract for something, maybe a tree planting contract.

What do you think their chances are to recoup double their investment is? Maybe more as at least the art is original. No wires either. Ummm.

Angry in the Great White North, that Conservative dude that thinks Harper is a moderate pointed us to this Real Estate report.

I am sure the Conservative Party have real estate agents that can do better.

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